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Barry Family Photos
20 January 2008
Joy and Jefferson playing a sunday afternoon duet on our new piano.
20 January 2008
Joy was trying to remember how to play Funeral March of a Marionette. Oh, if only the piano could be in tune!
20 January 2008
Jefferson went to a "Mad Hatter Teaparty" at the city library on Saturday. He had lots of fun playing with toys, making a funny scrap/coloring book, visiting with friends (Maya and other kids from the ward), and reading books, of course. His mom stayed up late the night before to stitch scraps of wool sweaters together into a crazy hat. She was a little sad when he didn't win a prize for the crazy hat. After all, it was the best one there! The kids who won prizes had hats made of paper and cardboard. I think the judges mistakenly thought his hat was store-bought.
Fall 2007
This was a creek that ran near the middle school and near our old apartment. We liked to stop here on walks so Jefferson could throw rocks in the water.
Summer 2007
Jefferson pauses for a reflective moment in the picnic shelter at Ward Lake. We went there frequently during the summer with our cousins (Sarah McCarron & Ken Matthews and their families) to enjoy picnics, swimming, and feeding the ducks.
April 10th, 2007: Jefferson welcomes Lola home from the hospital on her birthday. She doesn't appear to be too happy about the kissing, but Jefferson loves to hold and kiss his new baby sister.
Jefferson wanted to say hi to ya'lls. October 2006
Jefferson was a spider for Halloween. He was caught snitching some food from Sarah & Jesse's fridge.
September 2006
Chris and Jefferson in our house in Boise. This was when we were packing for our move to Alaska.
August 2006
Joy & Jefferson at Settler's Cove beach in Ketchikan. This was Jefferson's first visit to Alaska in August 2006. (Joy had to keep him from running into the water.) We saw lots of spawining salmon and a few harbor seals that day.
August 2006
Joy & Jefferson enjoying the path through the Tongass National Forest in Settler's Cove State Park.
26 September 2003
Joy & Chris pose for a photo outside the Boise Temple on their wedding day.