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18 January 2008
We Bought a Piano!

I am happy to report that one of our life-long dreams has finally come true; we bought a piano! We have been thinking about it since we bought our house last September and finally have the space for a piano. A few days ago a friend of mine in the ward called and mentioned that she heard that someone else in the ward was going to sell their piano for cheap ($200). Pretty random that she thought to call us. And also pretty random that it was right at the time that we had a little extra money and were trying to decide what to do with it. We went and looked at the piano on Wednesday night. Jefferson cried when we left because he wanted us to put the piano in the back of Daddy's truck. I tried to explain that we needed more help (lots of guys) because Daddy couldn't do it by himself. He accepted that answer. Chris is going to get a posse together on Saturday (tomorrow) to help move the Piano. I'm so excited to be able to practice whenever I want. My goal is to be able to play any hymn in the hymnbook. Right now I can only play about 15 of them, so I have a lot to work on! Jefferson has also shown a lot of interest in the piano (as well as any other musical instrument). I am excited that I will be able to teach my children to play.
The piano does need a little work. It is missing one black key, some knobs, a music holder, and a piano bench. We also need to tune it, of course. Chris has been looking at piano tuning kits on ebay (and ebony & ivory keys in case we want to make it really fancy).
Click here to see photos of the new piano.