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March 2008
I am almost a year old now and starting to get around. I haven't started to walk yet but I can crawl fast anywhere I want to go. I never stand up by myself for more than a few seconds, and I only do that when I'm not thinking about it. Even so, I do not let vertical limitations get in my way. I recently figured out how to crawl up onto the couch by climbing up on a box at the end of the couch, then crawling over the arm of the couch onto the cushions. From there it wasn't hard to figure out how to crawl onto the oak chest at the other end of the couch. Daddy took some pictures of me here when I discovered how to reach the lightswitch and turn it on and off whenever I want. It was certainly a revelation for me. I also love to crawl up the stairs. It wasn't very long after learning to crawl that I made the goal to somehow get to the top of the stairs. It took me over a month to master getting up just one step, but once I got that down there was no stopping me. I don't know how many times I crawled to the top of the stairs and then just sat there and cried because I didn't know how to come back down. Mommy always came to rescue me. But last month Mommy got down on her belly and showed me how to come down the stairs feet first. I refused to try it at first because it looked too scary. Jefferson also tried to teach me that trick by pulling me down the stairs by my feet, I really didn't like that. But finally I decided to try that and it was much easier than it looks! Now I can go up and down the stairs like a champ.
"Mother says I was a dancer before I could walk. Mmm Hmm, she says I began to sing long before I could talk. . ."

Another hobby of mine is any kind of music. I love to sing along with the hymns at church. I watch the conductor and wave my arm around just like she does. The teenage girls at church like to look at me and say, "Oh how cute, is she singing?" Uh, yeah! (Some people aren't very smart.) I also like to play the drum that Jefferson got for Christmas from Aunt Julie. And I love to play the piano. Once a month I get to go to the community dance where Mommy plays with her band. I love to dance to the music while Daddy sits and watches me (Daddy doesn't like to dance). Someday I am going to be able to play the violin, too. Mommy left her violin where I could reach it yesterday while she ran upstairs to get something. I almost got it, but she was too quick to take it away! I hope I'll get another chance soon.


I was blessed at church on June 3rd, 2007. This was my blessing outfit. Grandma Price crocheted the dress and booties. There is also a matching bonnet, but I hate wearing it. My mommy knit the wool pants. I'm so cute! I love to smile and laugh.

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