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There are two things that Jefferson really loves right now: drums and pocket pants. We've always known that he liked all kinds of musical instruments, but he became especially enamored with drums when we took him to the White Dragon Drummers concert at the Saxman Tribal House. There were a lot of different bands that played that night, but he stopped and stared with wide eyes when the drummers took the stage and began to pound on their enormous drum and lot of other smaller drums. The White Dragon Drummers are a group from Kanayama, Japan (Ketchikan's sister city across the Pacific). It was so incredibly loud that I thought he would be scared, but he loved it. Amazingly, Lola slept through most of the drumming. Now Jefferson listens intently to our CD's, trying to pick out the drums from all the other instruments. And he steals spoons out of the dishwasher so he can bang them on the plastic 5-gallon wheat bucket in the kitchen (his drum).

Jefferson also loves pockets, though he rarely gets to wear pants with pockets (kind of like the lost boys in Peter Pan). He is usually wearing wool sweater pants, but loves to wear "daddy pants" (jeans) occasionally. Mommy is usually too lazy to let him wear pants AND a separate diaper cover. But one day she promised him she would make him some wool pants with pockets (from a cardigan sweater that had pockets already). Jefferson loves them and is constantly looking for things to put in his pockets while wearing them. The pockets ended up right on his knees, but he likes them anyway! Maybe his next pocket pants will look a little better now that his mom has had a little experience in the pocket pants department.

MY 2ND BIRTHDAY (13 April 2007)

I celebrated my 2nd birthday on friday, April 13th. It was only five days after my little sister Lola was born. Grandma and Grandpa looked at my online wish list and sent me a rain suit. I just love wearing it and I especially love the whale pockets.


Here I am on my first overnight campout in the Boise Foothills. I had great fun with my parents and their family. I was 5 weeks old.

Here I am as a newborn.