The BARRY Family

Established: 26 September 2003 in the Boise Idaho Temple
Current Location: Ketchikan, Alaska
Christopher Michael
Born: 23 December 1977
Occupation: Diesel Mechanic
Favorite Foods: Donuts, Ravioli
Favorite Books: Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Joy Emily
Born: 18 June 1974
Occupation: Mother, Crafter, Cook
Favorite Foods: Mushrooms, pies (any kind)
Hobbies: Reading, Sewing, Cooking, Playing Music
Favorite Books: Book of Mormon, Jane Eyre
Born: 13 April 2005
Favorite Foods: Candy, Potatoes, Broccoli, Cheese
Hobbies: Reading, Playing with Lola
Favorite Books: The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat Dictionary
Favorite Song: Doggie in the Window
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Born: 10 April 2007
Favorite Food: Mommy's Milk
Hobbies: Dancing, Clapping, Eating, Climbing Stairs
Status: Super Cute