John's Retirement Page

Last updated 28 Nov 2005

Doesn't everyone go to work with the dream of retiring some day?  That has been my dream for a while, since design work has been getting harder and I have been getting slower.  It seems that too many people work till they're pretty old, then live just a short time after retiring.  That doesn't sound like a very good plan.  One can qualify for retirement from TI with 5 years at the company and age 60.  So in September, when I turned 60 with 5.5 years with the company, I was eligible.  Actually I waited till October 3, till the end of the employee stock purchase plan period, so I could take advantage of some gain there.

And so I took the plunge and retired.  So that I wouldn't just be sitting around with nothing to do, on October 4, Jill, Julie and I planned a trip to Nova Scotia to pick up Julie's things that she had left there.  That involved six days of just driving, and 4400 miles round-trip.  We had a good time on the road, despite the cramped quarters.  The Tacoma doesn't have a very big back seat.  I made a sideways seat for a little added comfort for the one in the back.  I even got to ride in it some.  On the way out, and coming back, we stayed in a hotel near Kirtland, Ohio, and we were able to visit the Kirtland Temple and some sights there.  Then in New Hampshire, both going and coming, we stayed with Bob Neidorff, an old friend from Motorola in Phoenix.  It was great to see him again, and he and Jane were most gracious hosts in their beautiful home in the woods.  While in Nova Scotia we stayed with one of Julie's harp friends, Cheryl, for a couple nights while arranging for a small trailer and loading it up with Julie's things.  Cheryl also was most gracious, and we had a nice time at her home.  On the way home, after leaving Bob's New Hampshire home on Sunday morning, we went up to Sharon, Vermont, to see Joseph Smith's birthplace.  That was a really nice experience.  Sunday night we stayed at the home of one of Julie's former co-workers, Sandy, and her husband and son, near Albany.  They were just moving there from Minnesota.  I spent a few hours helping them unload their truck into a storage unit.  We appreciated their hospitality despite the chaotic conditions in the middle of a move.

Retirement must be a good time for traveling, because just before Halloween, Jill and I cranked up the Tacoma again and headed west this time.  We went to see Jerica at BYU, and also to help Jill's sister Joy with moving to a new home around the block in Orem.  Joy had just broken her arm, and her husband, Jim, had pneumonia, so they were not in very good shape to tackle such a big project.  After packing a few things and transporting them to the new house, Joy assigned us to finish painting the library room, and install book shelves.  So we attacked that project with gusto, and got it done.  We also gave them a gift of a light fixture for the library, as can be seen in the picture of the completed project (even with some of the books in place).

After spending a couple days in Provo and Orem, we headed up to Boise, where a larger project awaited us.  The master bath in our home that Joy and Chris are living in had a problem with the floor, so we decided to tear up the old floor and install tiles.  The problem was caused by a leak in the shower, so we also had to address that and seal up the leak.  After about 5 days on that project, we declared it done, and were ready to leave to come home.  We thought the bathroom looked pretty good after we finished.

After all that traveling, we were nearly traveled-out for a while.  So during most of November we have remained at home.  When I had been retired about a month, I was asked how retirement was.  I answered that I haven't worked so hard when I was working!  We had a nice Thanksgiving with all the Minnesota residents in the family over.  As usual, we cooked way more than could be eaten (for example, a 25-lb turkey, of which we ate probably 3 pounds).  Jill and I are keeping busy with regular attendance at a local fitness center (Cross Train Fitness), and serving in the temple every Wednesday night.  There are also many projects around our Eagan home that keep us going.  Until the weather turned too cold, I have also been going on bike rides in the area.

Another project, which is hopefully over now, has been to choose health insurance.  We have agonized over how much it costs, despite our good health.  We're grateful for our health, but not for the high cost of health insurance.  Nevertheless, we signed up for a high-deductible Blue Cross Blue Shield program, and are hoping that we won't have to use it much.

So far, almost two months into retirement, I have really enjoyed six Saturdays per week.