John has his Worst Bike Wreck ever
written by John on July 30, 2008

I have been greatly enjoying riding my bike this spring and summer in Minnesota. I think I enjoyed City Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City a little more, but I'm not there now. I've been on rides ranging from 10 to 35 miles, mostly before breakfast in the cool of the mornings. On Saturday, July 19th, I was on a nice ride and had just turned around at the north end of the ride, having gone 23 miles at this point, being six miles from home. As I was getting back on the highway, a biker on a fancy bike went by, so I caught up to him to draft for a while. He was familiar with riding with drafters, because he pointed out for me a bump in the road, a thing of etiquette for this situation. However, for whatever reason, he didn't point out to me a large chunk of asphalt he went by. I didn't see it and must have hit it on the right side because my front wheel went out from under me and landed me on my left shoulder, hip, forearm and knee before I knew what hit me. It was not a fun experience! The guy in front came back to see if I was okay, and I thought I would be able to get home. I made it home okay and proceeded to get Jill's help on my wounds. She asked Julie to come help too. Julie had a hard time with all the red skin. You can see her in the picture attempting to calm herself lying on the bed. Beside the obvious wounds visible here, I got pretty serious bruises on my shoulder and ribs. Now, a week and a half later, things are improving greatly. My home teacher's blessing worked! Since the accident I have ridden 100 miles or so and have not fallen again, fortunately.