Jerica went to Star Wars: Episode III the day it came out (at 12:05 am) with a huge group of friends. They were let in the theater at 9:00 pm, creating the longest three hours ever.

Britt and Jerica on the car ride to the theater. Boy, are they excited, or what?

Here's a few of the group that wanted to dress up. Jannie was a jedi, Jerica was Princess Leia, Britt was Mara Jade, and Scott was a Jedi Master.

Some of the dressing up got out of hand when Paul and Jannie wanted to take pictures with Paul in Jerica's dress. Jerica took it off in the bathroom, handed it over to some girls, who handed it to some boys who handed it to Paul in the men's bathroom. After he was DRESSed, they took their pictures, while Jerica was inside the bathroom stall, praying that they would return with her dress. They did come to give it back, but not after being delayed while Paul was waiting in line for the bathroom to remove the dress. Sure wish I could have seen him surrounded by men wearing a pink dress!

Jon, Britt, and Jerica waiting patiently for the movie to start.

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