Pictures from Jerica's Second Year at BYU
September 2004 - April 2005

Pictures are in reverse chronological order.

Jerica got her hair cut and donated it to Locks of Love. April 2005
Jerica at the talent show rapping the Gettysburg Address. March 2005
Jerica in her Halloween costume, a Punk Fairy. October 2004.
Jerica and four of her roommates after the opera, La Boheme. October 2004.
Jerica and her hot dog dinner. October 2004.
Jerica and her roommates before a movie. October 2004.
Jerica on her bed showing off her studing skills and big mouth. September 2004.
Jerica and her roommate Jo. September 2004.
Jerica sleeping, but not undisturbed by pesty picture-taking roommates. September 2004.
Jerica and some of the girls from her Family Home Evening Group (again, showing off her big mouth). September 2004.
Jerica and her friend, Kaitlyn, before she went off to Egypt for the semester. August 2004.

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