Pictures from Jerica's First Year at BYU
September 2003 - April 2004

Pictures are in reverse chronological order.

Jerica on her 19th birthday with a vase of tulips her friends gave her. March 2004.
Jerica and Kaitlyn in the Cannon Center on St. Patrick's Day eating green ice cream and showing off Jerica's shamrock headband. March 2004.
Jerica and her friend, Jillayne. February 2004.
Jerica with some friends after ice skating, looking, oh, so atractive. February 2004.
Jerica with her friends, Jillayne and Kaitlyn. January 2004.
Jerica's best friends and visiting teachers, Britt and Kaitlyn. December 2003.
Jerica with her friend Tasha. Whenever these two got together, nothing but laughter could be heard. December 2003.
Jerica with the festive lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake. December 2003.
Jerica with her friend, Jillayne, jammin' to the music. November 2003.
Jerica with some friends in front of the Salt Lake Temple. October 2003.
Jerica with some girls on her floor. October 2003.
Jerica with her roommate, Kate. September 2003.
Jerica's dorm room, which always stayed clean. September 2003.

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