Jerica and Julie see Bach's Bible

"Bach's bible?" you might ask. Yes, Bach's very own personal 3 volume set Calov Bible. It is marked up in J. S. Bach's own handwriting and original notations. There are over 300 in the whole set. Some include:
  • Exodus 15:20 "Festival prelude for two voices to be sung to the glory of God" (this is a direct reference to the motet Signt dem Herrn).
  • 1 Chronicles 25 "This chapter is the true foundation of all God-pleasing church music."
  • 2 Chronicles 5:12-13 "In devotional music, God is always present with His Grace."
These are only 3 of the few comments Bach made about music; most of his comments were for his personal spiritual gaining.

There was a concert along with the showing of the first volume of Bach's bible. Music that Jerica and Julie heard included Cantata 12 (BWV 12), Suite No. 3 in D (BWV 1068), and the Credo from the Mass in B Minor (BWV 232). Jerica enjoyed the concert a lot (beyond words). After the concert, the audience was allowed to see Bach's bible as director Thomas D. Rossin turned the pages. "It was such an enlightening experience," says Jerica. "I couldn't believe I was there looking at something that Bach actually handled! (pun on Baroque composers)"

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A Calov Bible is a bible commented by Abrahm Calov (1612-1686). Every verse has some sort of comment made by him. He studied using Martian Luther's works, the very works that Bach owned and that accompanied his bible in his library.