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Jerica has just recently returned from her mission in the Germany Frankfurt Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Read Jerica's letters home while she was serving her mission.
Jerica is now attending her fourth year at BYU.

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Check out your local CD store to grab a copy of Weird Al's new album, "Poodle Hat," which was available May 20th, 2003 (of course Jerica got one the day it came out, like any loyal Weird Al fan).

Jerica has attended three of Al's concerts. One in St. Cloud, Minnesota, one in Ogden, Utah, and the other from the last tour, in Minneapolis.

Find out more about how Jerica got into the Weird Al fan art website.

  The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Website

  Searchable Weird Al website (spoof of Yahoo!)

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Along with the other passions included in this page, probably the newest one is Classical Music. Spured on by the Minnesota High School Music Listening Contest, Jerica has fallen deeply in love with the sounds of the oldest music still heard today.

Jerica's Report on the 2003 Music Listening Contest

Jerica and Julie see Bach's Bible

Jerica's team of Music Listening buffs to the State competition in February 2002

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(Click on a thumbnail to enlarge and learn more about each picture.)
Pictures are conveniently placed in reverse chronological order.

Pictures from Jerica's Third Year at BYU (Fall 2005-Winter 2006)
Jerica taking a break from the trip out to Utah with an ice cream cone and the Sinclair Dino. August 2005.
Jerica, Julie, Jansen, Christina, and Eva went to Twine Ball Day. August 2005.
Jerica and Elvis. August 2005.
Pictures from Jerica's Spring 2005 Term at BYU (May-June 2005)
Jerica and Jefferson, only a few days old (Jefferson, that is. Jerica is much older than a few days in this picture). April 2005.
Pictures from Jerica's Second Year at BYU (Fall 2004-Winter 2005)
Jerica at the front door at Julie's open house. Her job was to collect coats and shoes. Here, she takes a break and poses for a picture. December 2004.
Pictures from Jerica's First Year at BYU (Fall 2003-Winter 2004)
Twine Ball Days in Darwin, Minnesota. August 2003.
Jerica's Graduation Pictures -- alone. June 2003.
Jerica's Graduation Pictures -- with sisters. June 2003.
Jerica's Graduation Pictures -- with parents. June 2003.
A beautiful February 2003 snow fall.
Jerica and Mason a day after he was born, October 8, 2002.
For New Years Eve, Jerica and her friend Becky went to a dance dressed in 80's prom dresses. 31 December 2001.
Jerica went to Darwin, Minnesota this past summer with a friend. She got this postcard, inspired by Weird Al's song, "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota." Summer 2001.
Jerica narrated the orchestral work, "Peter and the Wolf" by Sergei Prokofiev for her March 2001 concert.
Jerica got an accordian for Christmas. 25 December 2000.
Jerica drew this picture by copying the centerpiece on her table. She used oil pastels on yellow construction paper. 8 December 2000.
Jerica in her Halloween costume. She was Polychrome from the Oz books. Pictured with her is Jack Pumpkinhead, also from Oz. 1 November 2000.
Auntie Jewica holds baby Ethan, 12 August 2000.
Jerica ponders on a rock at Minnehaha falls, April 2000.
Jerica and Julie reading in the airport in Seatle April 2000. Jerica found more interest in Julie's book.
Jerica on New Years Day 2000.
Jerica on Christmas morning 1999.
Jerica, December 1999.
Jerica's Kindergarten picture.
Jerica, age 4, missing teeth.
Jerica on her brand new rocking horse, Strawberry, that she got for Christmas in 1987.
Jerica, age 2.
Jerica and Jansen pose for a picture.
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