A few of my favorite things

  • Shoes
  • Soft blankets
  • Balls
  • playing outside
  • bugs and toads


He loves to climb, wear shoes, play outside, throw things, get into mischief, and be really cute.


getting bigger

I went real trick or treating for the first time three days ago, and was so interested in people's yards and running down the street...and getting the candy wasn't so bad either! I was a tiger and was soooooooo cute!

crazy child

He consumes large amounts of dirt and sand

He climbs everything

He has a crazy maniacal laugh

He loves to eat

But he also loves to cuddle in a blanket, dance and to play outside

he walks!

Dmitri started to walk two weeks ago. To date has has taken six steps at one time. He is very opinionated now and loves to chase and attack the vacuum cleaner while we are vacuuming the floors.

Dmitri has arrived!

We would like to announce the arrival of the fourth member of our family, a beautiful baby boy named Dmitri Madison Price. He was born on Monday, February 5th, 2007 at 15:38.

His delivery into the world was fast and furious. Eva says he is a cute baby. We all are excited for this new member of our family. But we are also tired.

The Unborn Child

I have yet to see the light of the world. For now I will continue to hiccup, kick mommy, and generally be squished and squish my mommy.

When February 2007 comes around, I will too!