A few of my favorite things

  • Eva
  • Dmitri
  • Juliet
  • Sunlight
  • rainy days
  • warmed up soil
  • Wish List
    • $5327.37
    • garden galoshes
    • tall tree pruner
    • more direct sun in our back yard!
    • new gutters
    • new basement
    • peach tree
    • for my blueberry bushes to start producing
    shows I would recommend
    • 12 Angry Men
      released in 1957, it was great acting and directing- it's the kind of movie that pushes your buttons because the antagonists really do their job well
    shows I like
    • Pride and Prejudice (BBC)
    • Mind Walk
    • Ocean's Twelve
    • Anne of Avonlea


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    One month to go! I have loved the almost snowless winter. I'm ok, even happy with snow, as long as it melts off the streets within a day or two.

    I've turned much attention to eating raw-about 75-80%. I just have to try to balance making raw food with food that my family wants.

    This is a very strange time for me. Normally I would have been bitten by the garden bug two months ago, but this year I'm trying to convince myself that it is time to get those pepper, flower and herb seeds in some dirt. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my seeds are all stored in the basement this year-a nasty basement that I hate entering.

    Jury duty...yuck

    So a friend just got done with jury duty, and it was a growing, but trying experience for her. Three days after she was released due to a hung jury, I received a summons to serve on jury duty...starting the week of Thanksgiving...a birthday gift from Hennepin County? I think not! So now we have to figure out what to do with our children during those potentially two-plus weeks.

    A Book For Everyone To Read

    This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader by Joan Dye Gussow

    My review

    rating: 3 of 5 stars
    I would recommend reading the book in spite of its flaws. I wish more people would open their eyes to what is really going on with the food/farming/importing/exporting business. I loved it when she talked about her garden and the current state of affairs of food and food production. I got tired, however, of reading the same accounts over and over about the house that she and her husband bought.

    View all my reviews.

    sprouted wheat

    I've started making my own sprouted wheat flour to use in baking. I love learning new things! Check out this how-to article for making it:
    Sprouted Wheat Flour

    new calling

    I was released from being the Primary president last week, and called to be the activity day girls leader. It was hard to say "goodbye" to those kids, but I'm so excited to get to work more closely with all those girls. I avoided Sunday school and Relief Society today by subbing in Eva's Sunbeam class, but I think I need to go to RS next week and get it over with. After that it may not be so hard to have to be around all the adults on Sundays. sigh...

    soap making

    I've made my first batch of pure olive oil soap! Now the waiting game begins while it moves through the curing process.

    On a different note, our household, including Eva, was in high excitement on election day. Eva predicted that Obama would win, and we had the great pleasure of telling her the next morning that she was right. I also feel bad for John McCain that Palin completely ruined his chances.


    you need to update your comments! it's been a year!!!!!


    Does anyone know how to influence nature to warm things up a bit?

    Eva's Birthday

    Eva's birthday was yesterday...I can't believe that my baby is 3 years old. It makes me sad that she won't be like this every again, and makes me think about how important this time is with her before she get too old.

    trying to be useful

    So, I'm going to try to learn PHP or get close to it so that I can try to help Jansen with the websites that he is creating for different companies/people. We'll see how it goes.

    I'm going to be doing some family photo shoots soon for multiple families and am looking forward to trying to be creative again-it's been a long time.

    News from 08/07/2007

    We are starting to get cabinets in our kitchen now-at last.

    Yesterday Eva was in the bathroom trying to wash one of her sippy cups (we don't have a kitchen sink) and it was really cute. Here was the conversation between us:

    Mommy: Eva, you're so cute.
    Eva: I not cute, I StrongBad.

    Our 2-year-old is a StrongBad lover!

    Last Thursday I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was so good!

    The days fly slowly by

    I can't believe that Dmitri is already 3 1/2 weeks old-almost a month! We were surprised, as we thought back to this time in Eva's life, that we actually got on a plane with her when she was so little to head to Texas as a surprise for my mom. (Mom and Jim were serving a mission in the Houston area, so they were not going to be able to see Eva until she was almost one.) Eva has a strong constitution, though, and all went well on that trip-I'm not so sure I would be willing to subject Dmitri to all those people in an enclosed place. He is having some breathing problems and got a stuffy nose within a week of being born. (Eva and I were both having colds and I'm sure that's where he got it from.) I often look out the window to see the geese in the yard honking, and realized it is Dmitri breathing-he honks like a goose a lot when he breathes and eats.

    Sometimes I get so itchy to start packing up our stuff in preparation for moving in May (and to give Eva less to turn into a disaster). Then I have to remember that it is still two months off before I can start packing without packing up things that we might just have to unpack to use.
    We are going to look into purchasing a home, but we'll see. If that is the right thing for us, we'll find a way. If not, we'll find a bigger apartment-or at least one with two bedrooms.

    getting there

    well, there are a few more weeks until Eva will be a practicing big sister. Boy will that be a relief-physically speaking! She just gets cuter every day. What would we do without our little love?!

    missionaries passing

    We just got our internet back again today and I received emails that a sister that I had served in the same district with in Germany (as a missionary) died at the beginning of last week. She had been fighting cancer for a while, so I knew that the possibility was there that she wouldn't live for much longer. Even with the knowledge I have that she her spirit still lives and that she will be resurected and reunited with her family, I still feel sad. She was a person that would brighten the room by walking in. Always had a smile and a laugh. This is the second missionary from my mission that has died within the past couple months. It's hard to think that people that I knew and that are my age had died and what sadness that their spouces and children must be feeling.


    Tuesday I was in to have an ultrasound done on our family upgrade. Everytime I go into the midwife I'm so relieved to hear that there is a heartbeat after the last one having none. I'm not the sort of person to get excited about those kinds of things, but I think I will always have a sence of dread that something has gone wrong. I'm feeling the baby move now though, so I won't have to depend on the technology to let me know it's alive.

    Eva and I were kicked out of our apartment last week as Jansen was trying (and failed) to produce a bullet lodge album. We went to Wisconsin to see my sister and her family, but ended up coming back the next day. Eva picked up an antique, very heavy, 100% metal iron and the bottom detached from the handle and smashed her poor little toes-it was so aweful! My poor baby. Luckily my sister called up to a friend's husband and he and another man came over to give her a priesthood blessing. I found out the next day that my sister started fasting for her that night too. The results were evident the next morning when she woke up (after a very hard and painful night) and was in good spirits and even walking around. I still need to get her to her pediatrican tomorrow just to be sure everything is taken care of properly and that I know what to do for her. I never would have guessed that I could have such strong feelings of consern for another person like I do for my baby-even when she's not hurt!

    apple picking!

    Wonderful Apples!
    I love this time of year when the fall is coming and the fall harvest is coming in. This past weekend we were able to go to Wisconsin for my niece, Cheyenna's, baptism. I made the white dress she was baptized in. A lot of praying went into the the process since I had to use a woman's pattern(none were available for an early 1800's empire waist style for girls), and had to base my alterations of the pattern on her measurements alone. Heaven's hand was definitely helping, because it worked, it fit and she was beautiful! I forgot to take a picture of the dress, but will see it again, because we intended for it to be a new family heirloom that our daughters wear for getting baptized in.
    Then! before we left my sister's house (the farm house that our great grandpa Frank built) Terri, Mom and I went out in back of the barn to the small orchard that Grandpa Frank planted many years ago, and picked three bags of apples for us to take home. I just canned a batch of apple butter from them, and am in the process of doing applesauce now.
    Today Eva and I went to an orchard south of Minneapolis and picked a bushel of apples (gala) for slicing and freezing. This orchard also had raspberries-tons of them!- so I couldn't pass up picking two pints before the frost came to claim them. (Maybe I will have our family do a fieldtrip this Saturday to see about picking more if the frost hasn't come and I can talk Jansen into spending more money on raspberries!)
    I love orchards and gardens. The bounty that God gives to His children is always manifest in them.

    summer trip

    We just went to Nauvoo, Illinois last week for my step-brother Rob's wedding. We decided to make it a family vacation and not turn around and head right back home, and I'm so glad. I finally got to attend an endowment session in the Nauvoo temple. What a beautiful temple. Seeing its grandness and size made me think of how those early saints gave everything from their necessity to build that amazing building, and we often give of our abundance...which also has been something that we as a family have been feeling much lately. We are always being blessed - our biggest blessing being our little love, Eva.

    News from 07/12/2006

    So I've been serving as the Primary president in our ward for a few months now-it's nice to be back with kids for my calling.
    We were able to spend the 4th of July with friends and family and it was very enjoyable-and we got to see fireworks twice.

    This month in Review

    Still working on medical transcription course is amazing what I can put off when I don't have deadlines or I have other things that seem like they should be done first.
    This month I have just been revisiting my gratitude for the friends I have aquired over the years. What wonderful additions to my life they have been.

    With the accident that just happened before Christmas, and some other things on top of that, I am feeling this month like the flood gates of monetary adversity (along with all the untrustworthy business people that we have been dealing with) have been opened and my patience or sanity or elasticity is being tried.
    We really are doing ok, but sometimes it just seems like everyone is out to get us.