I can't believe 2008 is almost over!

Wow, 2008 has gone fast...

Here is what I have done this year:

The company I worked for moved to a new location, about 6 blocks away, so now I work about 11 blocks from my home.

I love my job!

We have lived in our house for a year.

I sang in church a few times.

We went to the state fair.

I voted.

I got Wii fit, and an ipod touch.

I got 1.5 out of 4 in the chess tournament at work.

I ate a bunch of ramen noodles.
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One month to go! I have loved the almost snowless winter. I'm ok, even happy with snow, as long as it melts off the streets within a day or two.

I've turned much attention to eating raw-about 75-80%. I just have to try to balance making raw food with food that my family wants.

This is a very strange time for me. Normally I would have been bitten by the garden bug two months ago, but this year I'm trying to convince myself that it is time to get those pepper, flower and herb seeds in some dirt. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my seeds are all stored in the basement this year-a nasty basement that I hate entering.
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News from 12/10/2007

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getting bigger

I went real trick or treating for the first time three days ago, and was so interested in people's yards and running down the street...and getting the candy wasn't so bad either! I was a tiger and was soooooooo cute!
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