After spending two years at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota, and living during that time at home, Jackie decided to attend Brigham Young University - Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. She got accepted, she enrolled and arranged for off-campus housing with a friend from Bloomington, Kari Kirchmann. As the time drew near to arrange for travel there, several options were discussed, but her Dad's idea of driving the Aero out to have room for all her stuff (now Jackie isn't a pack rat like some of her siblings, but she is a girl! and she had a big bulky computer). That allowed room for taking a few of Joy's remaining boxes as well as the loom and the spinning wheel. And just before Kari and her mom left, Kari asked if we could take three not-too-big boxes that wouldn't fit in their mini-van.

Jackie and her Dad took off on Friday, August 30, 2002, heading northwest to Fargo, then through North Dakota and into Montana on Highway 94. We stayed the night in Billings, at an RV campground named Yellowstone River. On Saturday morning we turned south just after Bozeman and into the Gallatin Canyon, which was a beautiful drive. We then skirted along Yellowstone Park and could see where the fires had burned a tremendous area. We got to Rexburg and to Jackie's new residence around noon.

John managed to back the Aero up to the side door to Cornerstone Manor, located very close to downtown Rexburg, and pretty close to the campus, where Jackie and 17 other girls will call home. Jackie's room was just in the door and around to the right in the basement. She will have two roommates in that room: Jenny Thomason and Tracilyn Price. We wonder if Jacklyn and Tracilyn will be like twins!

Below we see Jackie in her new room. There was a bunk bed and a single bed on the other side. The single bed was already taken. Jackie chose the top bunk and put a few of her things on it. We piled the other things, including computer in two big boxes, by the chest of drawers. It's amazing how much Jackie took with her considering that she is probably the least inclined to be a pack rat in the family.

Once the Aero was unloaded and disconnected from the Tacoma, John and Jackie went to Albertson's to buy Jackie some groceries and supplies. John asked her if she wanted some prepared things, like frozen pizza, but Jackie was determined that she would do from-scratch cooking. So we spent about $100 on flour, vegetables (wait - did Jackie want vegetables?), tomato sauce, potatoes, spaghetti, etc. Jackie will either learn to cook from scratch or eat raw potatoes and really hard spaghetti!

Each of the 18 girls got a storage bin in this auxiliary kitchen room to store their non-refrigerated food. Jackie picked a lower bin so she won't have to lift potatoes and flour too high.

Jackie has her to-be-refrigerated load from Albertson's on the kitchen counter. Even though they have four refrigerators, there is still only one stove and one sink, so hopefully they will learn to share resources.

After Jackie got situated in her new home, she and Dad drove down to Uncle Roger and Aunt Marilyn Prestwitch's home in Grant, about 20 miles to the south. There were some other relatives already there ahead of us: Marilyn's cousin Judy Scott, her son Joshua, and his fiancee, Janine. Joshua will also be attending BYU-I. We played a game that Joshua taught to us, where we are supposed to think of something within some category. If your word is the same as the person who is "it", then he can spread lipstick all over you. Jarom was left unmarked at the end, so he was the winner, or looser, depending on how you look at it. He had to do some trick, which is being depicted here. Next to Jarom, and to the right, are Joshua, Janine, John, Hyrum, Clint, twins Brigham and Lavine, Marilyn, Esther, Jackie and Judy. Roger is taking the picture.

Jackie spent Saturday night in Rexburg in her new home, while John camped out in the Aero in Prestwitch's driveway. Jackie wanted to attend church in her new ward and get right into the thick of things. She didn't think much of John's suggestion that he might attend with Jackie, so John attended with the Prestwitch family and then ate dinner with them before taking off to return home.

On his way home, John stopped back in Rexburg to see Jackie again. He took this picture of her and Jenny in front of the Cornerstone Manor. Jackie seemed like she would be all right here in her new home. John then backtracked his way to Minnesota, stopping in the same campground in Billings. It was a long, quick trip, but John felt he had a nice opportunity to spend some extended time with Jackie before she's away to a new life.