SNOW 2003

The winter of 2003 provided much less snow than we were used to. This did not make Jerica happy. However, in March the weather tried to make up for it by dumping a couple storms that amounted to several inches each. This probably doubled the snowfall from all winter. But it wasn't destined to remain long because on March 14 and 15 the temperatures got up to about 60 Deg, and it was really nice. John went out and washed both vehicles and didn't get a bit cold.
Here's Ethan when he visited at Grandma's house on March 13, showing the snow man and the snow boy he built. He said the big one was Daddy, and the little one was Ethan.

Here we can see that Ethan had a little help making the snow men. Jill had a good time with him as they played in the snow and also did some work as they shoveled the front walk.