Our 2003 JPrice Family Reunion
June 6 - 9, 2003

This year Julie was in charge of planning our reunion. If you let Julie decide where to go, where do you think that will be? Canada, of course. She started planning early on that we would go up to Thunder Bay, a short distance beyond the border with Minnesota along the North Shore of Lake Superior. She, Jill and Jerica took a trip up there to scout out potential campgrounds for the reunion location. They liked Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, which is located next to a little town, Kakabeka Falls, about 30 km west of Thunder Bay.

Julie did a great job in the planning, including having lots of Canadian flags and red t-shirts for all with the words to "O Canada" written on the front upside down so we could read them any time we wanted to. On the back they said, "JPrice Family Reunion" "Thunder Bay, Ontario, 2003" and had an image of the Canadian flag.


To accommodate all of us on the trip, we decided to rent a mini van to carry Joy, Chris (to see more about developments in the lives of these two click here), Jansen, Christina, Julie, Jackie and Jerica. Here we see Joy driving the Pontiac Montana mini van and waving to any stranger that walked by. Does the van look at all loaded down here?

Jill and John rode in the Tacoma pulling the Aero.

One great disappointment just as we were leaving for the reunion was that Jordan, Kelly and boys weren't going to make it to the reunion this year  .

Though Jackie and Jerica are grinning here, it's just for the camera. They are sad that Ethan and Mason won't be joining us.

Here Chris is driving the van, and Joy is riding shotgun looking out for strangers to wave at.

On the drive up we decided to take a break at one of our favorite places, Goosberry Falls, along the North Shore. Here we see Joy trying to find a route to the other side. Why did Joy want to cross to the other side...?

When we stopped at a gas station just before the border, the word was out that Canada wasn't allowing any potatoes in. We were able to find our potatoes and throw them in the garbage a lot easier than this poor fellow that had to practically empty his camper to get to them.

As we went through customs at the border, the border guard didn't ask John and Jill a thing about potatoes. John said, "What's the deal about the potatoes?" The guard said that she quit asking because everyone had gotten the word and were already rid of their potatoes. Apparently there were a couple potato diseases they were trying to avoid. We said, "Well, you'd better ask our children in the van behind us about their potatoes because they were really put out about having to throw them away." Apparently, she did.

Not to worry about the potatoes, because there's lots more Canadian potatoes in the Odena Bigway Foods located just outside the entrance to the park.

The astute observer will notice in the picture above that there is a silver Audi A4 with Minnesota plates parked at the store. Hey, that's Jordan's car! We were very excited while traveling in Canada toward Kakabeka Falls to get a call from Jordan and Kelly that they repented and were on their way. They even found their way to the site in the dark!

One of the first things you have to do when camping is to build a fire. Jill had given John a bellows so he wouldn't use paper plates or other even less dispensable things to fan the fire. Here John is showing how well the bellows works to get the fire going.

Some might suggest that even before you build a fire you have to get up your tents. Those are the more practical ones, perhaps. Anyway, across the road from the Aero, the table and the fire were three tents. One for the unmarried Price girls, one for Jansen and Christina, and one for Chris. Here we see the girls' tent in the middle with Jerica and Joy adding the finishing touches; Jansen's and Christina's tent is on the right; and Chris is just getting started putting up his. You might think that Chris was just slow in getting his up, but I'll bet he's last because he was helping the others.

We were a little worried about the weather during our stay at Kakabeka Falls campground because the prediction was that we would see rain every day. As you can see here, it was nice and sunny. The weather was great, although a little cool the first night, and we didn't see any rain till Sunday afternoon.

We decided to be prepared for the rain by putting tarps up over the tents and our camp table. You can see Jansen and Chris pretending to be monkeys here getting the tarp tie ropes up high in the trees. Jerica helped too, but while standing on the ground.

When it did rain on Sunday, we were ready for it with the tarps, but it was still a little dreary outside. We all gathered in the Aero and did things to keep us and the little ones occupied. Jill is playing her Irish Whistle while Ethan is captivated by the sound. I wonder how long that kept his attention? Julie is making posters of the reunion, and several others joined her in that activity.

It appears that we had an impromptu big mouth contest. John doesn't remember who initiated it, whom the judges were, nor any other details. Nevertheless, his youngest daughter unanimously won when she showed that she could fit a pringle in her mouth the hard way, unbroken

The two little ones, Ethan and Mason, were the main reason that Jordan and Kelly had decided not to come. They may have not been the best travelers getting there, but once there they were great campers. Ethan has decided that he doesn't like his picture to be taken, so Julie had to take this one on the left of him when he wasn't looking and at a distance. They probably needed a little bit of attention now and then to keep them happy, but we were all glad to be of assistance. Here Christina is blowing bubbles for Ethan to chase. We were so glad to have our happy grandboys and nephews at the reunion!

The town and campground that have "Kakabeka Falls" in their names get that from the Kakabeka Falls which is near the campground. They call it the Niagara of the North. It is much smaller, but it is impressive. We hiked over to the falls in our red shirts that Julie had made for us. Here you can see (L to R) Jackie, Jerica, Julie, Jordan, Ethan, John Jill, Kelly and Mason's hat.

Another outing we took was to a destination a bit farther away, on the other side of Thunder Bay. We visited an amethyst mine. The owner in the middle picture had recently purchased it and was trying to make a little money from the minerals. He took time to show us around and explain all about the amethyst mineral and its uses and how it is mined. If you don't recognize anyone in the left picture, it's because they are some of the owner's workers that were at the site that day working some of the veins. As we left we stopped at his shack and saw the various samples he had on display and for sale. Most of us got some samples to take back with us.

This was a great reunion.

We were glad to get to know Chris.

We appreciate all the work Julie did to get things organized, find the site and make reservations, provide the t-shirts, and lots more. Unfortunately it seems that most good things come to an end.

This is where Jansen and Christina unloaded themselves and their things from the van. They look a little worn out, don't they?