Through several sources (Margaret Gagliardi, Palmer Price Jr, Carol Price Knoeller and LaRue Price) we have acquired some pictures of descendents of John Bailey Price and Laura Virginia Wadsworth.

Updated May 2, 2005, by John Price

Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law of John Bailey Price: Joseph Wadsworth and Abigail Thomas, parents of Laura Wadsworth Price.
John Bailey Price holding his grandson, Palmer Price Jr, probably in 1927.
John Bailey Price's wife, Laura Wadsworth.
The first child of John B Price and Laura Wadsworth was Elmer, who died at age 14.
The second child of John B Price and Laura Wadsworth was John Springer Price. This is a portrait of him and his wife, Ethel May Kelly. Could this have been on their wedding day?
This is a picture of Ethel May Kelly. Is she younger or older than in the picture above?
The third child of John B Price and Laura Wadsworth was Mabel Catherine, here with her husband Ralph Orris Claypoole, Sr, and their first two children, Elmer Howard (who went by Howard) on top, and Kenneth Conwell on the bottom.
The fifth child of John B Price and Laura Wadsworth was Sophia. She married George Harvey Frey.
The second child of George and Sophia Frey was Charlotte Frey, who married Albert Francis LaMonte.
Margaret Gagliardi, a daughter of Albert and Charlotte Frey.
Laura Wadsworth Price with her three youngest, from the left, Donald, Harry and Palmer.
Harry, Palmer and Donald Price, in a beautiful portrait of these three youngest boys.
Harry Price and his first wife, Bertha. This may have been a warm day, but somehow it doesn't look like it to me.
Harry Price and someone identified as Mr. Carr.
Palmer Price and his wife, Gladys Veasey.
A portrait of Palmer Price's wife, Gladys Veasey.
A recent portrait of Palmer Price Jr and his wife, Angela Schulte. I found out that they like to go by Pal and Ann.
Carol Price Knoeller, daughter of Palmer and Gladys Price, taken on a bright, sunny day in Florida in February, 2005.
A portrait of Donald Price.
A swimming and stick-out-your-tongue party. We think the identifications are as follows, from the left: Charlotte Kathryn Frey, second daughter of Sophia Price Frey; Harry Price, Jean Vivian Frey, first daughter of Sophia Price Frey; Bertha, Harry's wife; Gladys Veasey Price, Palmer's wife; Palmer Price, Donald Price, Palmer Price Jr.
A reunion of the descendents of John Bailey Price and Laura Wadsworth was held at the Claypoole home in Wayne, Pennsylvania, in July 1956. I think we know all who appear in this photograph. From the left, Sophia, Palmer, John Springer, Paul, Mabel and Harry. These are all of their children still alive in 1956 - Elmer having passed away in 1903 and Donald in 1949. According to the 1910 Census, Laura had given birth to 12, with 7 still living in 1910. We know of two who apparently died as infants from birth records (a son in 1897 and a daughter in 1902). There are two more that we haven't been able to find any information about.
This next picture was a little troubling because the gentleman on the left, who has been identified as Harry by Mabel's daughter Betty Loise, appears shorter than in the previous photograph. I'm thinking that he might have been standing in a hole - the terrain appears to be a bit uneven. Proceeding to the right we have Paul, Sophia, John then Mabel.
This picture was also taken at the July 1956 Price reunion, and is of some of the women and girls who attended. Thanks to Betty Louise Claypoole Boyko, daughter of Mabel, we have identified all shown here. Top row, from the left: Frankie Price, Paul's second wife; Mabel; Betty Louise Claypoole Boyko; Gladys Price, Palmer's wife; Marge Price, Harry's second wife; Sophia; Charlotte Claypoole Blake, youngest daughter of Mabel; kneeling left to right: Kitty Price, Paul's granddaughter, daughter of Paul Jr; Peggy Price, Paul Jr's wife, Cary Blake, Charlotte's son, and Lynda Wolf, second daughter of Betty Louise Boyko.
There has been some confusion about who is who in some of the pictures of Harry, Palmer and Donald. I have put together their pictures and my best guess as to their identities.