For Christmas in 2002 the whole family was together. Jackie flew in the evening of Friday, December 20, and Joy came in the next morning. It was great to have us all together. On Sunday, the 22nd, we gathered at our home in Edina for this picture. In back, from left to right, are Jansen and Jordan, then in front of them Christina and Kelly. Seated in the next row forward are John, Ethan, Julie, Joy, Jill and Mason. In front are Jackie and Jerica.

On Christmas morning Jordan, Kelly, Ethan, Mason, Jansen and Christina arrived at about 9:30. We gathered in the family room a little later and spent the longest time opening presents. Kelly remembered a previous Christmas where I took a couple hours assembling a chair I received before any more presents could be opened. We didn't have any excesses like that this time, but we had so many presents that it took a long time just to open them all. Ethan and Mason got this table and chairs that Jill and John bought, and John finished.

A turkey was put in the oven Christmas morning, and everyone gathered in the kitchen to get the meal under way. Joy brought herbs from her Boise garden to spread under the turkey's skin, and everything was so good. Here we are early Christmas afternoon ready for a great meal. (Sorry Jansen and Jill for cutting off parts of you!)

Jill gave everyone an Irish whistle, which is like a recorder. We attempted some group playing after dinner. A few times we didn't sound too bad, but mostly it sounded like an orchestra tuning up. Jill challenged us all to practice during the year so that next Christmas we can make some really nice music when we get together.

In the evening we watched the movie that Jordan and Kelly gave John and Jill - Lagaan, from India. It was nearly four hours in length, but it was great. We dispersed at about 11:30 Christmas night. What a great time we had together this Christmas!